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Warwickshire Urology is a partnership of consultant urological surgeons working together to offer high quality, sub-specialist urological care to the population of Coventry and Warwickshire.
Formed in 2008, the partnership aims to offer the best elements of individualised private urological care in combination with the sub-specialist expertise of Consultants whose NHS practices provide the tertiary referral services for Warwickshire at University Hospital Coventry.
As a team, we believe we can offer an unparallelled range of expertise in all areas of urology, combined with a compassionate, patient-centred approach to urological care. By working together, we can also ensure that you will receive rapid attention, often in a 'one-stop' clinic to ensure the fastest diagnosis and management. We are fortunate in working within some of the finest private healthcare facilities in the country and are supported by excellent colleagues in a full range of related medical and surgical specialties.
We offer the full range of urological practice from clinic assessments and basic investigations to major cancer surgery.
If you have a query relating to a symptom or known illness, please don't hesitate to enquire via the details given on our contact page.
The two founding partners of Warwickshire Urology are Kieran Jefferson and Rajagopalan Sriram, both of whom are consultant urological surgeons at University Hospital Coventry and part of the faculty at Warwick Medical School.
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